Ruckify Wins Green Award, All Thanks To You

Thank you, Ruckify community! With your help, we were the proud recipients of the Favourite Green Initiative award at the 2020 Ottawa Awards by FACES Magazine! From the beginning, Ruckify has been committed to building our community in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way. It started from a simple ethos: why buy something when you can […]

Join Us In Helping Australia’s Firefighters

Like you, we’ve spent the last few weeks paralyzed with helplessness as we watched the bushfire disaster unfold in Australia. Since our last post on the fires, conditions have improved, but not before even more devastation struck communities and wildlife across the continent. At least 32 people have died and the fires have destroyed about […]

Australia’s Wildfires: This is What Climate Change Looks Like 

Australian summers used to be what dreams were made of: long, lazy days on the beach or by the pool, backyard barbecues, or hiking adventures with friends and family. But this recent summer has become a bone-melting nightmare: where we find schools, campgrounds and workplaces shut down because of catastrophic fire danger, Australians seeking refuge […]