Australia’s wildfires: this is what climate change looks like 

Australian summers used to be what dreams were made of: long, lazy days on the beach or by the pool, backyard barbecues, or hiking adventures with friends and family. But this recent summer has become a bone-melting nightmare: where we find schools, campgrounds and workplaces shut down because of catastrophic fire danger, Australians seeking refuge […]

Ruckify: modernizing the age-old rental industry

It’s safe to say that winter is fully upon us… and that driveway isn’t going to plough itself! You aren’t the first to rent that snowblower on Ruckify, and you certainly won’t be the last. In fact, the origin of paying someone in your community for the use of something, be it equipment, vehicles, RVs […]

the paw-sitive benefits of a pet-friendly office

it’s official – having a pet around the office is good for you. Bringing your pets to work not only benefits you and your furry (or non-furry) friend, but also your fellow teammates and employer. Pets can add to the sense of workplace community, act as a conversation starter and provide comedic relief throughout the […]

Rent Anything Marketplace Ruckify Acquires Wheel Estate

The world’s largest rental marketplace to add RV rentals to their portfolio November 8th, 2019   – Ruckify, the community marketplace for everything rentals, today announced that they have acquired Wheel Estate. Ruckify, which has been called “The Airbnb of things” by media and the press, allows community members to save time and money renting […]

stories from the Ruckify community: Special Moments Wedding Services

She said YES!! …now what? The bride (or groom!) has said, “YES!” Now that the couple is officially engaged, it’s time to start planning the wedding. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the decisions to be made and details to be finalized. But this couple doesn’t have to sweat it (too much), because they […]

stories from the Ruckify community: The Costume Shoppe

dressing up isn’t just for Halloween anymore! — The practice has evolved into a year-round phenomenon for both children and adults. We see costume themes popping up at more and more corporate and private events. This trend has been a driving force for Ryan Schoel’s Calgary shop and the party rental industry as a whole.  […]

throw an office party using rental items

Holiday work parties and such festivities are a core element in strengthening peer-to-peer relationships within the office and building your company’s culture. — Many industries have faced cutbacks in the past few years, leaving smaller budgets for office parties. Here at Ruckify we tested our own theory: that you can still throw a killer party […]