Side-Hustle Tips: Maximizing your personal finances in the sharing economy

By Ratehub.ca It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t that long ago that having a single, 9-to-5 job was considered the norm. Now, as permanent, well-paying jobs become harder to find, having a side-hustle is becoming the new normal for an ever-increasing number of Canadians.  Unfortunately, while the growing sharing economy gives people the freedom […]

Rentals to Keep the Kids Entertained

Written By: Izzy Sicoli With COVID-19 social restrictions are still in place. Currently, health care is working to discover the cause of this pandemic. This leaves us with few forms of entertainment. For example, they have canceled all outdoor concerts as well as fairs, and several camps. With that being said, many of us are […]

Beat the Heat with Ruckify

Written By: Izzy Sicoli This summer, across North America, the heat and humid X have been insane. This includes the scorching summer sun, burning pavement and sticky sweat. Widespread above-average temperatures and at times stifling humidity are expected across the majority of North America. This summer, many people will face extreme dehydration and exhaustion. June […]

Growing Your Business In A Pandemic

Written by Izzy Sicoli As many of you know, the pandemic has brought unexpected changes to our lives. COVID-19 has forced us to change our ways and continues to have a growing impact on the community. The pandemic has especially affected small businesses. Many of these businesses have been compelled to shut-down because of the […]

Ruckify And The Community

Your Community Group Take your efforts in your community group to the next level with Ruckify. Start experiencing your community in a completely different way when you create your own RuckifyStore to boost awareness, donations, income, and resources.  Ruckify’s peer-to-peer rental marketplace is the perfect outlet for connecting with your greater community. Ruckify has partnered […]

A Solution To Coronavirus Lay-Offs

Coronavirus Lay-Offs With the recent public health pandemic and fear over the Coronavirus, many companies are seeking out opportunities to cut costs, recover losses, and possibly shut down operations. This, obviously, is becoming a major loss to employees across North America. As people start searching for work grows with the spread of the virus itself, […]

RuckBucks: Have Fun For Free

What are RuckBucks? Make your summer the best it can be even with everything going on in the world right now. Money may be tight but this is the insider scoop on how to rent a ton of fun things like bouncy castles, VR headsets, and more, for free.  Now, we aren’t trying to sound […]