Building A Side-Hustle: FAQs From Lesson One

Ruckify Webinar Building A Side Hustle FAQ

After our first webinar for the “Building A Side-Hustle” six-part series, we had a lot of questions from our webinar attendees that we wanted to answer! We figured a lot of other Ruckify members (and potential members) would be interested in knowing some of the answers to these FAQs. 

We had one of our Ruckify team members, Paige Cody, sit down to answer all of your questions!

I made $500 the first four days of my RuckifyStore being up. I am sharing that success to get more people using Ruckify.” – Andrew, Ruckify Member and “Building A Side-Hustle” Webinar Host

Will We Be Expanding Into Other Cities?

Yes, we will. We have rental items available in over 220 cities in North America and have active marketplaces in over 30 of them. You can create your own RuckifyStore anywhere in North America. We plan on going into other countries by the end of 2020.

What Are The Costs Associated With Creating A Business on Ruckify?

There are no costs associated with signing up, creating a store or posting. Like any other similar platform (Uber/Airbnb) we do take a platform fee after a successful booking (10%) but it is being waived right now so our posters keep all their profits as we know times are tough right now and it wouldn’t feel right. The fee would normally help pay for things like marketing, support, tech upgrades, and new features…etc.

How Does Ruckify Security Work?

  • We have a three-step verification process. We use third-party software to do this. People simply provide their legal name, address and phone number and then they can flag anyone who has a fraudulent history. 6% of people who try signing up for Ruckify are unable to sign up. No this does not affect your credit, it’s simply a barrier to help us weed out anyone not joining for the right reasons. 
  • Beyond this, we have in-app messaging so people can easily communicate.
  • No one’s home addresses are given out to people unless someone picks up an item at your home. The renter would receive your address in the itinerary. 
  • We also have a review system that is quite strict. Bad seeds get booted from the platform, though we have been fortunate that this has not happened often at all. 
  • You can protect your items in 2 ways
    • Using insurance we can cover your items against theft and damage up to $50,000
    • By collecting a security deposit
    • Ensure your item available or collect a deposit. In the event, something did happen and you insured your items, you are paid back the item’s value or repair value right away.

How Can You Market Your RuckifyStore and How Do Other Members Find Your Items?

We recently introduced a new dashboard feature so you can see how many people view your store and your items. You can easily share your store or items off of that page to boost your exposure. In later episodes of our webinar, we will go more in-depth about marketing and optimizing your store to get more views and visits and ultimately conversions.

Is There A Way To Find Out What Rentals Items Are Doing The Best?

Yes, we recommend checking the trending section on the marketplace. I will say right now what exercise, office items, RVs, United Way items (computers, webcams, laptops, tablets, phones, etc) are doing extremely well. You can also keep in mind items that apply per season, people are spring cleaning and will need ladders, lawnmowers, tillers…etc. The summer people will need BBQs, activities for kids, etc.

What Is Ruckify Doing To Help The Community During This Crisis?

  • Aside from waiving our standard booking fee, we are pushing for everything to be sanitized prior to going out, when it’s received and before it’s returned/after it’s returned. 
  • We offer cashless transactions and contactless delivery thanks to our Ruckify Express program that is like Skip the Dishes. 
  • We are partnered with United Way to provide people who need to access patients or health care professionals through an online program like Zoom. So we are asking people to lend their extra laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Ruckify RV is connecting people willing to lend and deliver their RV to frontline workers and offer them a home-away-from-home. 
  • We are also helping gyms and trainers stay in business so they can post their equipment on Ruckify and people who need these items can rent them. Renters can rent equipment to help stay healthy or even join some of these online fitness classes they gyms and trainers are doing, like a boxing trainer in Austin. 

We are looking forward to our next webinars! Be sure to sign-up and join to watch all of the lessons! You will learn more about how to earn money by starting your own side-hustle on Ruckify. Simply sign up here: https://ruckify.com/en/webinars/

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