Ruckify Building a Side-Hustle

Building A Side-Hustle

We have a six-part webinar series that will allow you to learn how to build your own side-hustle from the comfort of your own home. Utilize items you already own to start a rental business that will not only put extra money in your pocket, but it will help people in your community as well. 

Our dynamic hosts and special guests will take you through all the steps required to make your side-hustle a success! We will cover everything from setting up your store, explaining the many cool features / how Ruckify works, how to take awesome product images, how to market your store, and more!   

We wanted to walk you through what you can expect from each lesson!

“I made over $2500 in a few months using Ruckify by simply renting out my inflatable paddle boards.” – Keith M, Ruckify Member

Lesson One: Getting Started

The rise of the Sharing Economy. Why is the sharing economy going to be a big part of the future? The boom of the renal industry happened after the great depression. People were no longer able to afford to buy so the best alternative was renting. More people will be adapting this practice due to the current COVID-19 crisis.

We are seeing a high need for some items, but we will start to see a rise in more bookings once the health part of the crisis dwindles. People will need hobbies, need-based, and other items for family activities. Now is the time to prepare your business and get ahead of the trend.

Lesson Two: What To Rent

“(People) have a golden opportunity right on their doorstep. Take a look around. Rifle through seasonal storage. Check the back of the shed. More likely than not, a quick search will turn up items that have been long-forgotten. Normally, the appearance of these unwanted possessions results in cycling these objects permanently out of the house in favor of those that are of interest today. However, these objects also represent the beginnings of a new business. On Ruckify, members can create a virtual storefront and post any number of items that can then be rented out to others nearby.” – EASTside Magazine

Determine what items are the best to rent. Look around your house and business, what could make a valuable rental item? Sometimes there are things you may not even consider people would rent out, but others would. In this virtual training, we will be discussing what you should be renting out on Ruckify and how you can earn money doing so.

Lesson Three: How To Post Part One

In this lesson, you will be learning how to post the items you already own for rent on Ruckify, free of charge.

Take a look around your house and/or business, what is a valuable rental item? Sometimes there are things you may not even consider people would rent, but guess again! In this lesson we will be discussing what you should be posting on Ruckify for others in your community to rent.

Lesson Four: How To Post Part Two

Learning how to post the items you already own for rent on Ruckify free of charge, part two!

In this part of our series, we will be discussing the second half of the posting process. You will obtain a deeper understanding of the options such as cancellation policies you can put in place as a poster. We will also discuss how to determine the best rental rates to charge amongst other things.

Lesson Five: Building Your Own RuckifyStore

Building your own rental store on Ruckify free of charge.

During this live virtual training, we will be walking you through the process of building your own RuckifyStore at no charge. You will learn how to build your store properly to appear at the top of results, ultimately earning you more money from rentals. You will learn about the Ruckify dashboard and analytics we provide you for free amongst many other things. Who doesn’t want to run their own business from their home office!

Lesson Six: How To Market and Optimize Your RuckifyStore

In this lesson, you will learn how to build your own RuckifyStore free of charge!

During this live virtual training, we’ll be walking you through the process of marketing and capitalizing on your RuckifyStore. You will learn how to increase sales, rentals and leverage analytics to make the proper decisions for your RuckifyStore’s success.

Start Earning 

This is a great opportunity to earn money by simply looking around the items around your home or business that you already own! Sign-up for our webinars today to start your Ruckify side-hustle: https://ruckify.com/en/webinars/







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Sign-up today with code 100TREES for $35 RuckBucks, and Ruckify will plant up to 100 trees when you make your first rental within 30 days.

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