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Ruckify Rent Gym Equipment

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced gyms and fitness studios to temporarily close their doors to their members. 

This creates a difficult situation for the owners of these gyms and fitness studios but it also causes a problem for the members. 

With the difficult situation, we are all in currently, staying positive is extremely important and by working out and getting endorphins you can be successful in remaining positive.  

This is why we are encouraging gym owners to post their equipment on Ruckify for rent and earn money. We want to provide these owners with a revenue stream while they are closed down due to COVID-19 and provide our Ruckify members with a healthy outlet. 

We are also encouraging individuals to post their fitness equipment on Ruckify if they own any at home! If you’re reading this, we assume you’re sitting at home so take a look around your house. Check the garage… oh, there’s that treadmill you purchased a few years ago and used a handful of times. Now is the time to make the money back that you spent on it and eventually profit.

Bought a treadmill yesterday for $150. Rented it out today for $150/month. That means that I’m now completely even. Which means every month after this one is purely profit. This treadmill will now pay for my electric bill every month.” – Andrew, Ruckify Member

What Can I Post?

We have been getting so many requests on Ruckify by members who are looking to rent fitness equipment. If you are wondering about some items we are looking for and the money you can earn, look no further!

  • Dumbbells: You can earn $20 per dumbbell a month.
  • Treadmill: You can earn anywhere between $90-$150 for a monthly rental.
  • Workout Bench: You can earn anywhere between $65-$90 per month.
  • Spin Bike: You can earn anywhere between $65-$90 per month. 
  • Resistance Band Set: You can earn on average $30 per month.
  • Rowing Machine: You can earn anywhere between $150-$250 per month
  • Upright Stationary Bike: You can earn anywhere between $40-$70 monthly.
  • Elliptical: You can earn upwards of $100 a month.
  • Bowflex: You can earn anywhere between $75-$100 per month.

These are just some of the examples. All of these items were from real requests from Ruckify members. If you own gym and fitness equipment consider renting it out and earning some extra cash!

Let’s Get Started

If you are looking to post your fitness equipment for rent on Ruckify, now is a perfect time. We offer our delivery and pick-up service, Ruckify Express. Ruckify Express has always offered touchless and cashless delivery. All items are to be cleaned and our Ruckify Express delivery service will also ensure that the items are clean before being delivered and returned. Also, all of our members on Ruckify can track their rental orders in real-time. Additionally, there is no need to worry about damage and theft since Ruckify offers insurance. Oh, and you have no service fees with Ruckify and you paid via our secure payment processor. 

So, simply take photos of your fitness equipment and post it on Ruckify. Or, if you need help chat in with our customer service team, they would be happy to help you out. Now, get posting and start earning!

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