FaceTime Over Face Time

Why FaceTime?

With the spread of COVID-19 people are searching for ways to live about their daily lives. While still taking percussion around possible contamination, its hard to get any face time. This especially applies to spending time with our elderly loved ones who carry a much higher risk with the virus than other people. 

While we want to spend time with our loved ones, doing it face-to-face may not be the safest option. A possible alternative to spending this kind of time with more elderly loved ones is using video chat options like FaceTime or skype. 

facetime with ruckify

By chatting through the screen your loved ones can stay safe from contamination without the threat of getting bored or lonely in isolation. Not to mention, you get to keep up on all the previous things they’ve been up to during the time apart and keep them updated on everything going on in the outside world.

The FaceTime Solution

Though, with all the craziness going on around us it’s hard to justify a purchase of a brand new tablet to facilitate such communication. That’s why a viable alternative could be to rent different tablet devices from Ruckify, the share everything marketplace. 

By renting out the appropriate devices from the marketplace you can save money and time while still maintaining your relationship with your elderly loves ones. Not to mention, you can download movies, games, and all kinds of activities to keep them busy in your absence. Try downloading drawing tutorials, classic movies, literature, and maybe some weird games for fun while you’re away. Though the most beneficial tool for connecting with loved ones is facetime. Just seeing and talking to one another in real time can make a big difference.

As a personal reflection, my grandmother has a series of health problems and would be a very high risk for the COVID-19. She likes to talk on the phone but hates it when she can’t see me. So an option like FaceTime would be a perfect solution to keep her happy and entertained. I also know she loves to draw. So by downloading a few tutorial videos for her to follow she can find things to do even when I can’t give her a call.

Time To Act

By renting compatible facetime devices on Ruckify, you help out people in your community. Especially those struggling with the imminent changes caused by COVID-19. Also, Ruckify actively plants trees for every successful transaction. So even with the craziness of the virus when can still take strides towards a solution for climate change. 

So during this COVID-19 pandemic, don’t miss a beat. Rent out all the tools you need to keep up your communication with loved ones. All without having to endure the risk of face-to-face interactions. Sign up to Ruckify today and see what kind of items you can rent. So, you can stay sane and make your life easier this season! 

Want to learn more?

We are currently partners with United Way and Connected Canadians and Austin Free-Net, if you are willing to help your community through donations please visit our website today under community relief.

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