Here’s Why You Should go Camping in an RV This Fall!

It’s no secret that traveling close to home or traveling while practicing social distancing has been a very popular choice for the last few months and renting an RV is the perfect way to do both. Ruckify RV is Canada’s most trusted and affordable peer to peer trailer sharing marketplace, connecting you with owners whose RV’s would otherwise go unused.

If you missed your chance to go on an adventure under the hot summer sun then a relaxing fall getaway is just what you need. Traveling in the fall means fewer crowds, milder temperatures, and beautiful fall foliage.

If you’re still not convinced then think about having the opportunity to re-connect and unplug with your loved ones both safely and conveniently. Envision relaxing by a campfire underneath a starry sky, wrapped in your coziest blanket after you’ve finally reached your destination. 

Avoid Large Crowds 

Traveling in the fall means avoiding summer crowds and peak tourist season as most people use their vacation days on summer travel. You can travel from destination to destination in your RV with ease knowing that you won’t have to run into crowds or elbow your way through a group of tourists on an iconic hiking trail. 

No need to fret about securing the perfect camping spot with the best view because peak tourist season is over. Your campsite will be sure to bring you peace and quiet. 

Enjoy a Cool Climate

Traveling in the fall also means milder temperatures. It’s time to pack your favorite fleece and trendy beanie because sweater weather is perfect for exploring. Mild temperatures are perfect for enjoying a drink on the patio at that hip brewery you drove by on the way to your campsite or for enjoying the scenery at that beautiful national park that you’ve always wanted to see. 

Travel in comfort knowing that you’re about to experience the RV road trip of your dreams with the ideal climate. Crisp fall nights are perfect for cozying up by the campfire. 

Experience Fall Foliage 

Embarking on an RV road trip during the fall also gives you the opportunity to experience fall foliage at its finest. Nothing hints to fall more than when the leaves begin to change and hitting the road in an RV gives you a first-class seat to spot all the beautiful fall foliage along your route.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey to your campsite and watch as the sun bounces off of the bright shades of red, orange, yellow and splashes of deep burgundy.


Camping in an RV allows you to control your destiny, giving you the power to choose your next adventure. It allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while stowing your camping gear away for your next adventure. Meticulously plan each stop or wing it as you go, the possibilities are endless. 

Rent Anything 

You can also use the Ruckify app to rent anything you might need along the way. Ruckify is a peer to peer rent anything marketplace that allows you to rent items. Click here to check out any camping gear or outdoor items that you might need on your camping trip. 

Traveling by RV in the fall gives you the opportunity to enjoy your adventure safely, camp in comfort, breathe in the fresh air, and surround yourself with the sounds of nature. Click here to start planning your fall getaway and here to rent any other items that you might need on your next adventure. 

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