Finding a New Hobby Has Never Been Easier

What do you like to do after work? Do you have any hobbies?

When these questions come up, whether at a party, on a date, or even by the office watercooler, how do you feel?

Do you tense up and frantically rack your brain for something, anything you can say in response?

You think back over what you’ve done this week. All you can recall is coming home from work, making dinner, flopping down on the couch and watching Netflix while scrolling through Facebook or work emails on your phone.

the reasons

You’re not alone. Article upon article has detailed changing attitudes about what we do in our downtime. We feel like we have no time to indulge in purely enjoyable activities after work, chores and catching up on emails.

And yet we still find plenty of time for “passive leisure”. Of the five hours the average American spends on leisure activities each day, more than half (2 hours, 46 minutes) involved watching TV.  

That’s not to say hobbies are dead. Far from it! Search for any sort of activity on the web, and you’ll find forums, social media groups and videos filled with people sharing their passion.

From sewing to rock climbing, kayaking to carpentry, there are entire communities connected by nothing more than a shared enthusiasm for a pastime.

But connecting to those communities, and having the time and the freedom to try something new, can be difficult. 

That’s where Ruckify and your community can help connect you to a fun new pastime. 

You don’t need to buy an expensive camera to try your hand at nature photography.

find what you enjoy

Enjoyment. That’s what’s most important when thinking of new hobbies to try. Not whether you’ll be any good at it, and definitely not whether it’s productive. 

Embrace that you’ll probably get wet the first time you try stand-up paddle boarding, or that the strings will get tangled while flying a kite. It’s all part of the experience!

Through enjoyment comes other benefits in other aspects of your life. Hobbies can help you cope with stress, better manage your time, and improve your health. 

All you need to think to yourself when trying something new out is: “That would be fun!”

find the equipment

New hobbies can only be discovered if you have the freedom to try them.

One of the barriers can be the expense of the equipment required. If you’re coming in fresh to a new activity, the cost, scale, and variety of items you need can be overwhelming. 

What if you decide the activity is not for you? That’s going to leave you out of pocket with wasted items lying around your house.

In order to enjoy the experience, you first need the freedom to try something new, without the burden of expensive purchases.

The good news is that you don’t need to buy anything. With Ruckify, you can search for the items available to rent in your community, all without the commitment, price or waste of a big purchase. 

Ruckify gives you the freedom to have those new experiences, without the expense.

find your community

There’s nothing more exciting than meeting someone who shares your passion for something. 

When you use Ruckify, you aren’t just renting an item from somebody. That person is sharing their passion for their hobby with you. 

Not only can they provide you with the tools you need to try out a new pastime, but they’re also a connection to a wider community of like-minded enthusiasts. Plus, they can share tips and tricks, and inspire you to make the most of your newfound hobby.

share your passion

What if you find the hobby just isn’t for you? That’s fine — have a look for another pastime you might enjoy! 

Hobbies come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no limit to the number of experiences you can enjoy.

Your community is out there. Ruckify makes it easier to find it. 

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