How To Live a Minimalist Life

Have you heard of the minimalist movement and living a minimalist life? It’s quite simple: to be a minimalist you must look around your home and get rid of everything (including your television, no more Netflix) except the bare basics… We’re just kidding! Did we have you sweating a little bit? Hopefully you didn’t close this window.

We are joking, but we wanted to talk about how some people will turn their noses up at the idea of being a minimalist. Some say it’s a fad, others say “I could never be a minimalist”. Here’s the thing: becoming a minimalist is a personal choice. The way that you approach being a minimalist is also your decision. 

Minimalism can provide freedom. By possessing fewer things and asking yourself in Target, “do I really need this Kitchen Aid mixer that’s on sale for $10 off?” We want to help you in these times by providing you with 3 reasons why it’s better to live a minimalist life.

“Part of us believes the new car is better because it lasts longer. But, in fact, that’s the worst thing about the new car. It will stay around to disappoint you, whereas a trip to Europe is over. It evaporates. It has the good sense to go away, and you are left with nothing but a wonderful memory.” – Daniel Gilbert

save money and space
Avoid scenes like this in your house with a minimalist lifestyle.

Think of it like this; if you constantly go to Marshalls and Target and you purchase something every time you have a want or a sudden need, you are going to accumulate a lot more than you would like. For instance, you had knee surgery and now need a knee walker. They can cost over $200. You only use it for a short period of time and then you have to store it in your house or apartment. What if you could rent it for however long you need for a fraction of the price, have it delivered to your door and then picked up when you’re done with it? 

Does it sound too good to be true? 

Close your eyes and say, “I wish there was a rental company that would provide this service”. Well, wish granted! We are almost as cool as the genie from Aladdin

Ruckify will provide you with a solution. Rather than constantly buying things you are only going to use once or twice, you can conveniently rent them for the time you need. That way, you save money and you save space in your place! This is key to living as a minimalist.  

create experiences

By purchasing less, you can ultimately experience more! Now, you’re saving all of this money! Use this extra cash to spend on creating experiences with friends and/or family. 

You could have a weekend getaway with a huge fifth wheel RV from Wheel Estate, or book it for a week-long trip in the summer. 

Where will you go? Out to see Banff, or how about driving down the west coast into Washington, Oregon and then California? Imagine the possibilities a minimalist life could bring! 

“Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom.” – Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

feel the freedom

Have you watched Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix? If you have then you know she always asks the homeowners if they feel joy when they hold something that they own. If the item they have doesn’t spark joy, then they immediately get rid of it. Decluttering, cleaning up your space, and getting rid of things you don’t need allows you to feel more free within your space. Coming home to a messy house, with a sink full of dishes and junk everywhere, doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? 

Maybe you have things in your home that you use every once in a while, that you have already purchased. These items can be easily posted on Ruckify and you can rent out these items to people who need them in your community. This way you earn money and help out your community. Plus, earning extra money to take that RV vacation doesn’t sound so bad! 

So you can save money, space, experience things and feel freedom? I mean, you can’t say no to that! Ask yourself next time you’re at the store, “do I need this?”. Take a step back and question whether or not buying that thing you are only going to use once is truly worth it. You’ll be happier in the long run. 

Start living as a minimalist and experience more!

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