A New Year’s Ruckify Revolution in 2020

Ruckify revolution in 2020

We want to talk about a New Year’s revolution rather than a resolution! A Ruckify revolution if you will.

Understand that there are minor lifestyle changes we can all make in the New Year to support a more sustainable future. We don’t like to preach… well, only sometimes 😉 But, we do want you to know that you have the power to control your positive contribution to our planet.

Even if 10% of the population contributed to one of the suggestions below, it would make a big difference in the overall well-being of our planet.

Here are 3 simple things that you can do this year to make a difference for the earth, be a part of the Ruckify revolution, and help you to save some money too. Because who doesn’t love saving money (and making it). Raise your hand if you love money. Okay, we’re done. Let’s get into it!

Avoid fast fashion

Your closet is already packed! Not purchasing that top you just saw at Old Navy will not make or break an outfit. Honestly, it’s just a white top, and you have so many white shirts. Back away! Here are a few reasons why.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second-most polluting industry in the world, after the oil industry? Companies like Forever 21 and Zara process one million garments per day. Just imagine the resources involved, both human and otherwise.

There is growing criticism against the fashion industry’s negative environmental impact. A United Nations report found that the fashion industry is responsible for up to 20% of global wastewater.

“We have looked at clothing rental for quite some time and are so happy to for the first time soon offer fashion fans the possibility to rent some stunning pieces from our Conscious Exclusive collections. We look forward to evaluating this as we are dedicated to change the way fashion is made and consumed today.” Pascal Brun, Head of Sustainability at H&M

Hearing the facts should help you realize that you should only buy what you need. All of those clothes in your closet don’t need to go in the garbage. Instead, consider donating to your local thrift store or better yet, post them on Ruckify! Yes, your clothes can be rented out to people in your community. 

By posting your clothing on Ruckify, your closet will have invisible price tags all over them! If you sell your clothing on Kijiji or Facebook marketplace, you make a quick buck and that’s that. On Ruckify, you can continue earning every single time you rent out an item. See, you’re making a difference to our planet and you’re making money. We told you to raise your hand if you love money at the beginning of the blog! 😉 

Try before you buy

You’ve been eyeing those snowshoes at Play it Again Sports. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing something you are going to use often. However, if you are only going to use the snowshoes once or twice, why buy them for over $150? 

Ruckify Play It Again Sports
Ruckify x Play it Again Sports

Why not rent them instead? Rent them on Ruckify and try them out! You can see if you like them and pay a fraction of the price. Then, if you decide you are going to use them more than twice a season, you can make a more informed decision on purchasing them. 

Even something expensive like Dyson products, wouldn’t you rather try the $800 vacuum to see if you even like it? 

Taking that step back to ask yourself, “should I buy this?” is imperative. It will ultimately get you thinking about whether you should spend your hard-earned money on something you don’t necessarily need. Rent it on Ruckify and try it before you buy it.

Renting and posting

We are Ruckify so you knew this was coming :). Renting items and posting your stuff does make a huge difference on the planet and saves you money. Not only can you rent something like a hedge trimmer for as low as $10 a day but you can post your unused paddleboard and earn on average $1000 a month! Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? 

A wedding is a good example of an event where you should rent all of your decor. You’re not going to buy 150 chairs, plates, forks, knives, etc. It just doesn’t make sense! You can rent everything you need on Ruckify. A great example is our RuckifyStore partner Loot Rentals in Austin, Texas. They have everything you need for an event!

Planning your family getaway for 2020? Instead of spending thousands on some all-inclusive, explore the world by renting an RV from our partners at Ruckify RV! You’re bound to have an unforgettable adventure and see far more. 

By searching on Ruckify, you can find every single item you’re looking for. And, if for some reason there’s something you can’t find, you can chat with the team, and they will find it for you! 

Posting your items on Ruckify is a great way to earn money and avoid having your unused items ending up in landfills. As we all know, this contributes to overwhelming waste and ultimately does damage to the planet. 

Our users can create a side business out of renting out their stuff on Ruckify. Look around your house! Guaranteed that the basement and your closet are full of things you barely use. You simply snap some photos, post them and voilà, you’re making money folks! 

It’s time for a Ruckify revolution in 2020 

Look at us! Being sustainable, making money… We are a vibe in 2020 😉 

So let’s recap. Don’t buy clothes you don’t need and the clothing you do have in your closet, rent it out and earn money on Ruckify. Let’s not forget about trying stuff before you buy it! How can you know that something is right for you until you try it out first? It’s like the taste testing at Costco, who doesn’t love that? And finally, rent things you need temporarily and save money. Also, post items in your house that you only use once or twice a year if ever. You can earn extra cash and create your own little side business. 

It’s time for a New Year’s revolution rather than a resolution! We hope we helped by giving you some options on how to be more sustainable this year!

2020 is your year.


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