No Garage Sale Season? Here Is Your Solution To Still Making Money

Ruckify Yard Sale

Garage Sale season may be canceled, but Ruckify has a solution for you to earn the same money and more, with the same opportunity to find used things at a great price.

With the recent changes in social distancing rules regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, many people will be left without the tradition of summer garage sales. With this loss of opportunity to benefit from their rigorous spring cleaning or acquiring new things at a reasonable cost. One person’s junk is another’s treasure. With the likely cancellation entirely for garage sale season, there needs to be a new way to source or make money from items. With these extra items that hold value and can’t be justified as trash, Ruckify offers a solution to bring you more money than just a single-use garage sale in your driveway.

Through Ruckify’s peer-to-peer rent anything marketplace you have the opportunity to post all of your garage sale items into your very own online rental store. That way, instead of hosting a sale, and only experiencing a return on your items once, you have the opportunity to continuously rent them out and have a repetitive cycle of income. 

Spring Cleaning

So, with this year’s spring clean, look at all the items you turn up a little differently. While cleaning out the garage you can consider the old treadmill the perfect rental item rather than a contestant for your annual garage sale. Sure that treadmill can generate you a few bucks in one single sale, but what if you could continuously rent it out and eventually turn a profit? It would be kind of awesome. 

Instead of being done with them entirely, consider the benefits of renting and the income you can generate to fulfill the gaps left by COVID-19.

Start Your RuckifyStore

Making your own RuckifyStore has never been easier and the entire sign-up process is completely free with no hidden subscriptions or fees. You choose the store name, its look, and all the items that go into it with corresponding insurance policies to ensure your items are always safe. Renting out your item only three times can generate enough cash flow for the item to pay for itself, and after that, it’s all profit.

We’re Here To Help

To learn more about all the ways you can be making money with Ruckify and all your could-have-been garage sale items, tune into Ruckify’s weekly webinar. Here you can learn all the tips and tricks in the rental community and the best ways to operate your new RuckifyStore. 

The best part? Webinars are hosted live so you have the opportunity to ask any questions and engage with Ruckify experts so you get the absolute best out of the experience.

The time couldn’t be better for you to join the sharing economy and start taking back the experiences that COVID-19 has taken. As difficult of a time that we are all in, there has never been a better opportunity to learn and perfect something new, especially something that feeds into everyone’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

Check out Ruckify today and sign up for a webinar that will change your entire view on the economy and the most efficient way to make money in this time is a crisis. Chat in with our team if you need help setting up your RuckifyStore!

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