RuckBucks: Have Fun For Free

What are RuckBucks?

Make your summer the best it can be even with everything going on in the world right now. Money may be tight but this is the insider scoop on how to rent a ton of fun things like bouncy castles, VR headsets, and more, for free. 

Now, we aren’t trying to sound like an infomercial but this life hack can make a big difference to your summer activities and possibly leave you with more money in the bank then you came into it with. 

Ruckify is a peer-to-peer rent anything marketplace, and if you follow us on any platform you may have heard this many times before but something you may not realize is the variety of opportunities it offers. 

For starters, Ruckify is very generous with how they give out RuckBucks, a currency used exclusively in their marketplace that can cover payment on rentals. 


Start Earning

$10 RuckBucks for signing up 

Right off the bat, you get $10 RuckBucks just for signing up to Ruckify and making your own account which is completely free. By putting in your name and email and then getting approved by Ruckify’s security checks you already have everything you need to rent your first item. 

$5 RuckBucks per item you post

Now this may be the easiest way to get RuckBucks. You have so many items sitting around your home that you hardly use or even remember you own. So, all by snapping a quick picture, entering basic information, and posting the item to the marketplace you quickly earn $5 RuckBucks for each item you post to your free RuckifyStore.

$5 RuckBucks for leaving a review of the Poster 

Depending on how long you want to rent the item there are actually a lot of fun things you can rent for just $10 RuckBucks. Once you find an item that intrigues you, you can easily instantly book or submit a request. When the booking is over and you return the item to the Poster all you have to do is leave an honest review and you already get another $5 RuckBucks. 

$5 RuckBucks for leaving a review of the item rented

Once again you can already take it one step further by submitting an honest review of the item itself. Just talk about the quality, and how accurate the description is, then you get another $5 RuckBucks added to your account. The best part is? You can keep repeating these steps throughout summer and with the extra money, you get from the items you post on your RuckifyStore you can start renting even bigger, better items in the marketplace. 

What Can You Rent For $10 RuckBucks

Video Games

Record Players

Kids Toys

Sports Nets

Movie Projector

So Much More…

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