Ruckify And The Community

Your Community Group

Take your efforts in your community group to the next level with Ruckify. Start experiencing your community in a completely different way when you create your own RuckifyStore to boost awareness, donations, income, and resources. 

Ruckify’s peer-to-peer rental marketplace is the perfect outlet for connecting with your greater community. Ruckify has partnered with many groups like United Way, Connected Canadians, Austin Free-Net, and more to connect people with items to those in need of the items. Beyond this Ruckify provides the opportunity to generate income from community groups renting out items that they may own for events and other purposes. This additional income can go a long way toward reaching goals.

ruckify and the community

How You Can Benefit

  • Community
    • We want to create an environment of trust and friendship. Ruckify was birthed from the idea of a sharing community that helps build not only trust but also the growth of individuals who are booking and renting out items in the marketplace. Using Ruckify as a tool in your group will bring great outreach to more people and not only educate the community but give them more opportunities to help your cause.
  • Extra Resources
    • Hop onto Ruckify and book any extra assets you need for events, and you won’t even have to worry about the assets when the job is done, just send them back to their owner. This will be a great tool for fundraising whether it be basics like tables and chairs or fun activities like dunk tanks to really get donations pouring in. 
  • Additional Income
    • If assets are just sitting there doing nothing why not make some extra money from it? Your group can easily book out resources for extra cash. Whatever assets you have accumulated over the years to help out with events or operations with your community group can now be posted into your free RuckifyStore. So while it would typically be sitting around collecting dust it can now work at paying for itself while also generating additional funding. Or ask people in your community group if they are willing to donate items that can be rented to generate income on your behalf. 
facetime with ruckify community
  • RuckifyExpress
    • Ruckify offers a delivery feature through RuckifyExpress where delivery services are offered at a range of different costs. This can make the hassle of transporting different assets completely disappear with the simple process that saves you valuable time. Not only will this take the effort completely out of renting out your items but it will also provide a huge help for the event set up and take down when you don’t have to drive the items all over the city. 
  • Insurance Coverage
    • A little extra coverage never hurt anybody. When you send resources out using Ruckify they will cover it for any theft or damage to ensure that no matter what, your rental is covered. All for only an additional five percent on a successful exchange. This way, when you rent out items you don’t have to worry about possible wear and tear as different events can entice different outcomes. 
  • Environment
    • The environment needs our help and Ruckify is there for it. For every sign-up and transaction, Ruckify plants a tree in various places around our planet to contribute to sustainable living. That way we are not only conserving what already exists, but working towards our planet’s growth. This is the ultimate way to help the community and you don’t even have to do anything beyond current Ruckify experiences. Through our TreeProject, we are not only planting a tree but providing a job for someone in need. This small difference can add up to a major impact on the current environmental crisis. 
Keep your items out of the landfill.

Getting started is easy! All you have to do is head on over to ruckify.com and start setting up your profile. You will need to be led by one person, though the store itself can have your desired branding and name. We run security checks in everyone in the marketplace to ensure trust and safety. So, when you are approved a RuckifyStore will automatically be created on your behalf where you can upload logos, put your organization’s name, bio, and items. 

If you require help with any of these steps we have a team of Ruckify experts waiting to help you with anything you need, just use the chat icon on our website.

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