Waiving Our Service Fees

Ruckify Waiving Service Fees

With people staying home due to the coronavirus outbreak, we understand that people are having financial troubles. We are committed to our members and we want our RuckifyStore owners to succeed amidst these difficult times. We wanted to start by waiving all service fees. We want our posters on Ruckify to earn the full amount of their successful rental! So now, our service fees are 0%! 

Our service fees have been eliminated entirely, effective immediately.

We want to help people in our communities who are impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic. While you do make money using Ruckify, having that extra cash in your pocket is a bonus.

You receive the money you’ve earned from a booking once the booking has been completed and everything is returned in good condition. 

“I made over $2500 in a few months using Ruckify by simply renting out my inflatbale paddle boards.” – Keith M, Ruckify Member

Finances are unfortunately not the only ripple effect surfacing from the coronavirus pandemic. So, for many people right now, earning an additional income to cover expenses is imperative. This is why we are encouraging potential and current members to post their items on Ruckify for rent. It’s as easy as snapping a picture of items around your house and uploading it. 

We offer a unique opportunity for people to generate an alternative stream of income by working from the comfort of their homes. 

“(People) have a golden opportunity right on their doorstep. Take a look around. Rifle through seasonal storage. Check the back of the shed. More likely than not, a quick search will turn up items that have been long-forgotten. Normally, the appearance of these unwanted possessions results in cycling these objects permanently out of the house in favor of those that are of interest today. However, these objects also represent the beginnings of a new business. On Ruckify, members can create a virtual storefront and post any number of items that can then be rented out to others nearby.” – EASTside Magazine

Right now, our members are not able to facilitate handoffs due to social distancing, but that’s okay, we take care of that! Ruckify Express has always offered touchless and cashless delivery. We also announced that now you are able to track your rental items in real-time! Collect them as they approach your door is a major addition to the Ruckify app! Now our members can track everything in real-time. If you are renting out your items be sure to check out our guide on how to clean your items properly. This goes for both posters and renters on Ruckify.

Additionally, there is no need to worry about damage and theft since Ruckify offers insurance!

How does this all sound? It’s as simple as post, share and earn. Simply take photos of those unused items in your house and post them on Ruckify. You’ll share that item with someone who needs it in your community. This is where touchless and cashless delivery comes in with Ruckify Express. And finally, earn money! You get paid via our secure payment processor and now you have 0% services fees. There hasn’t been a better time to start a side-hustle than right now. 







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