Spice up Your Halloween Traditions With These Fun Ideas!

Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year, there’s delicious treats, one of a kind costumes, and tons of fun fall-themed activities to take part in.

It’s no secret that Halloween has been the hot topic of numerous debates. What will it look like this year? Will kids be able to trick or treat? Will you be able to go to a haunted house or ghost walk with your friends? Unfortunately, we don’t have all the answers, but we do have a few awesome ideas that will help you heighten your Halloween game this year.

Spooky Movie Marathon

Gather your family members or closest group of friends and get ready for the spooky movie marathon of your dreams. The best part? You choose the snacks and the movies and you get to enjoy your fright night from the comfort of your own home.

Backyard Bonanza

Take your spooky movie marathon one step further by decorating your backyard and inviting your neighbors to join in on the fun. Try enjoying your favorite Halloween movie with a projector in your backyard. 

Go all out with fire pits, string lights, festive decorations, and spooky stories by the campfire. Looking to get a projector at a reasonable price? Click here to rent one on the Ruckify app.

Haunted Halloween Walk 

Enjoy Halloween from a safe distance by organizing a haunted Halloween walk in your community! Have your friends and neighbors decorate their houses with Halloween props, they can even go all out with animatronics! Dress up in your favorite Halloween costume and take a stroll to see all of the decorations. 

Make it a creepy competition by voting for the best decorated house! Add an interactive element to this idea by having friends and neighbours add pumpkin or ghost pictures amongst their decorations so kids can stay engaged and count them as they pass by. 

Halloween Hunt

If you’re looking to stay within your bubble and spend Halloween with your immediate family or close friends, then consider scaling it back and planning Halloween themed activities inside your home.

Envision an Easter egg hunt but with Halloween candy and spooky decorations. Scatter all of your favourite Halloween candy around the house and turn the lights off to make it extra spooky, use a flashlight to spot all of the tasty treats! 

Take your hunt to the next level by decorating each room and renting a fog machine. Work as a team or make it a competition, don’t forget a spooktacular prize for the winner!

Halloween may look different this year, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun. Take this opportunity to keep the spooky spirit alive with new and creative ideas. 

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Happy Halloween!

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