Did you Know Your Carpet Cleaner Can Make you Money?

Do you have a carpet cleaner that you only use a handful of times? Or maybe a steam cleaner that you use to clean your couch for special occasions? Instead of letting these items go unused, you can post them on Ruckify to earn extra money or even start your very own side-hustle!

Did you Know That you can Rent Electronics to Save Money?

Most of our homes are filled with electronics. Even though owning frequently used electronics may be ideal, there are scenarios where you may only need to use an item a handful of times. In this scenario, it may be more cost-effective to rent the electronics you need.

Make Money with Your Strength Training Equipment Today!

The world is full of people that are looking to get fit. More than ever, people are looking for ways to get fit from home. The problem with at home workouts is that it can be hard to get the equipment you need like exercise bikes, hand weights, kettlebells, ankle weights, floor mats, and so […]

Save Space and Make Money with Your Furniture

Did you know that you can save room in your house and make money by posting your furniture on Ruckify? Are you tired of your décor? Or maybe you have a few too many pieces of furniture taking up valuable space in your living room? Instead of selling these pieces, you can post them on […]

It’s Buy Nothing Day, Here’s How You Can Make a Difference

Buy Nothing Day was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1992 by artist Ted Dave in an attempt to educate our society on over consumption, and consumerism. Buy Nothing Day is celebrated every year on the Friday after American Thanksgiving in an attempt to curb unnecessary purchases on Black Friday.   On National Buy Nothing Day, it’s […]

Keep Calm and Skate on With Extra Cash in Your Pocket

Winter is fast approaching and that means that fun winter sports like skating are just around the corner! If you live somewhere with a snowy climate, you most likely have a ton of winter sports equipment lying around. Maybe you have snowshoes, snowboards, toboggans, sleds, skis, or even skates? The plus side to having all […]

How Ruckify Is Helping Individuals Increase Their Access To Vital Medical Device Rentals

Ruckify makes everyday items accessible to everyone by providing Owners with an easy to use platform that can be used to rent items to community members. People just like you can browse Ruckify’s peer-to-peer rental marketplace to find absolutely anything, including medical devices. Ruckify makes it easy for you and your loved ones to access […]

The Best Moving Rentals on Ruckify: Move Anything, Anywhere With These 4 Items!

Setting up your office or moving isn’t easy, there are tons of items that have to be moved and you may not have the appropriate equipment. On top of that, moving companies can be extremely costly and may even end up mishandeling your belongings. Fortunately, there are tons of items like hand carts and moving […]