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Ruckify Earn Money Broadcast

With the turn of the economy, renting is becoming a focal point in the communities’ income, the solution to climate change, and helping hand for struggling neighbors. As a tool for utilizing this opportunity in the sharing economy, Ruckify has provided a secure platform to support peer-to-peer rentals and sharing. Individuals can build up their store and post any of their items that sit idle in their homes and make cash off their successful bookings. 

By running their own online rental store (RuckifyStore) people are generating a consistent income from items that they already have that hold a virtually infinite return on their investment. 

Take It A Step Further

But what about the people that want to take their RuckifyStore one step further and fully invest in their successful side hustle? Ruckify provides you the opportunity to be the first to hear about people in your community looking to rent an item that has yet to appear in the marketplace. This will provide you a chance to be the first to get the deal if you know you already have the item. It also gives you the opportunity to purchase these particular items with the intent to rent them out regularly until it pays for itself and provides a healthy profit. 

By subscribing to Ruckify Broadcasts you will always be on top of your game in the rental community and have everything you need to develop your store’s inventory. You can even see exactly how much someone is willing to pay for such desired items. This way you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Or, on the off chance that you’re the one looking for something, easily request your own broadcast to quickly find items that may not have found their way into the marketplace yet! Soon enough, your entire community will know in need and start their search!

Join Our Broadcast Group

So, now what? Join our Broadcast group in your community, flip on the notifications, and make sure to check out all the new broadcasts as they come in. If something comes up that you know a friend or neighbor has sitting around their house, tell them about the opportunity. Then you can share your referral code with them to sign up. This way your friend gets $25 RuckBucks towards their first rental, and you get 10% cashback on their very first booking, with a minimum $10 making its way into your wallet! 

Here are some of the Broadcast Facebook groups you can join:

  1. Ottawa Broadcast Group
  2. Calgary Broadcast Group
  3. Austin Broadcast Group

The sharing economy couldn’t be easier to become a part of, check it out today at Ruckify.com and become a member today!

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