Stories From The Ruckify Community: Khoi Learns Guitar

This is Khoi…

Khoi wanted to rent a guitar. 

Khoi downloaded the Ruckify app while on-the-go and searched the marketplace to find what he needed! 

This is Adrienne…

Adrienne has guitars in her RuckifyStore.

Adrienne had all kinds of music gear in her RuckifyStore including a guitar that was perfect for Khoi. As a musician, Adrienne rents her inventory of instruments and recording equipment to make extra cash before she goes on tour.

Khoi Ruckified a guitar from Adrienne.

Khoi booked his item for the dates he needed. He was able to view all the details about the guitar and ask Adrienne any questions he had. Adrienne was so inspired by Khoi’s want and willingness to learn, that she sat down with him to give him his first lesson.  

Renting on Ruckify is that simple! Pick up, have it delivered or arrive at your rented space and enjoy the fact you not only saved money and space, but you helped the environment by renting, not buying.

find what you need. rent what you need. meet new people. experience new things.

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