The New Normal — Learn About The Sharing Economy

Ruckify will be launching all the tips and tricks you need to know about the sharing economy and how you can become a part of it today. The world is changing, in how we consume, and how we interact with each other, and while things will get better, the normal we once knew will be different as we settle into this changing world. 

Our specialized webinar series will teach you how to create your own side-hustle from the comfort of your own home. Utilize items you already own to start a rental business that will not only put extra money in your pocket, but it will help people in your community as well. 

Our dynamic hosts and special guests will take you through all the steps required to make your side-hustle a success! We will cover everything from setting up your store, explaining the many cool features / how Ruckify works, how to take awesome product images, how to market your store, and more!

Getting Started

The sharing economy is a lot easier to get into than you may think. While in the webinar we will go over all the steps you can take to set up your Ruckify Store and start populating it with items lying around your house.

What To Rent

You will be amazed at how many items you can post for rent that people in your community will book. For getting started we will show you all the best items to post onto your store to start gaining traction right out the gate. Once you have some popular items to attract attention to your store, you can start populating some less popular items for extra rentals once in a while, or as an additional resource to attract people to your page.

How To Post

Now Ruckify’s platform is effortless to navigate, but we will walk you through each step so you get the most out of your experience in our marketplace. We will show you all the tips and tricks to building your credibility, setting your rates, insurance policies, delivery options, and more. So when order requests start rolling in, you’re completely prepared.

Setting Up Your RuckifyStore

Your RuckifyStore is the first people see when checking out all the items you have listed for rent, so making sure everything is organized and looking good is very important. We will show you have to change icons, separate categories, choose your heading image, and find the perfect store logo so it can really start feeling like your own. For participating in live webinars Ruckify offers the opportunity to receive your very own custom store logo so your rental store is always looking fresh and professional.

How To Market

Ruckify brings a lot of people into the marketplace every day that are looking for things to rent, but marketing is still important for you to take on in order to get the word out about your business. This is why we will take our time to show you how to share your store on social media, share your referral link so you can start generating extra cash and making everything look nice so people know to take you seriously.

Tune in to our upcoming webinar to learn more about Ruckify and everything you need to know to start making money in the sharing economy.

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