Turn Your Commute Time, Into Your Time

Ruckify Working From Home

With the COVID-19 virus spreading across communities different companies have begun shutting down offices in an attempt to maintain employee health and safety. We know that this can be taken as an added difficulty to your life. For one thing, looking after your kids while working and battling with your at-home printer. But, Ruckify offers a small silver lining that everyone should think about. By staying at home, you are saving a lot of time not commuting to your job. So let’s talk about how Ruckify can turn your commute time, into your time!

Saving Your Commute Time

Everyone strives to love their job and many will agree that no one loves the commute. With an average commute time of 25 minutes, stretching to 60 minutes each way, no one appreciates such a test of their patience in the morning. Whether it’s across the city or right through a hub for bumper to bumper traffic, morning and evening commutes take far too much time. 

Ruckify Working From Home

Now, by working from home you get to avoid such pains and while you aren’t testing your patience on the not so open road, there is a world of things you can do — or should I say, a marketplace full of things you can do. 

The world is very fast-paced, but now take this as an opportunity to take back some of your time and get to all the things you’ve been pushing back. It’s amazing how much the average person can get done with just an extra hour! By turning commute time into your time you can catch up on cleaning! Or even try out that hobby you’ve been interested in… What about doing that renovation you’ve been thinking about. 

You Have Extra Time

Now, we can’t ignore the devastation that is happening because of COVID-19 but maybe with this little extra time, we can find some light into its extended darkness. That’s why Ruckify is here to try to lift people’s spirits with its rent anything peer-to-peer marketplace. 

Find tools for every hobby you want to try like fitness, sports, recreation, and more. Start your spring cleaning early and rent fancy carpet cleaners, steamers, pressure washers, and more. Or, get on that renovation you’ve always wanted to do and rent out wood-working tools, paint tools, and anything else you may need to get things finished. Whatever you want to do with your new free time, Ruckify can help you out, even with fun activities for the kids while you get started on all these projects. 

Take Back Your Time With Ruckify

To take back your time with Ruckify, just sign up to the marketplace today and scroll through everything your community has to offer. When you find something you like to send in a rental request and organize a delivery, it’s completely free as Ruckify only takes 10% of every successful transaction, we even plant a tree when you sign up, rent an item, or leave a review. So while your community is shutting down from COVID-19, try to look for the positive, in your gained time, and in sharing with your community, start today and don’t miss a beat. 

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