United Way + Ruckify: Coming Together

Ruckify partners with United Way

There is an important story we do feel is worth your time and worth talking about with our wider Ruckify community. 

Right now with social distancing in place, mental health professionals and their patients are struggling to maintain their check-ins and appointment schedules. There is an untold story with our most vulnerable community needing help.  

Health care professionals and their patients are struggling right now due to not having the right technology in place to go fully virtual for their appointments. This is especially hard for those struggling with mental health and being isolated in their own homes with no way to communicate with their doctors, counselors or mental health professionals.  

In partnership with the United Way, Ruckify would like to uniquely help through our rental platform. We are the world’s largest peer-to-peer rental marketplace and offer the opportunity for individuals and companies to rent out their items to their local communities.

“This partnership with United Way East Ontario is exciting in a difficult time. Ruckify and United Way make a great partnership because we both share the vision of creating common good in the communities where we work. We know that together, we have the potential to make a difference for people and organizations who are disconnected as a result of COVID-19 and physical distancing.” – Steve Cody

Your immediate help is needed.  We are looking for the following…

  • iPads + Tablets
  • Smart Phones
  • Laptops + Computers
  • Webcams

We all have that drawer at home full of extra phones, and electronics. Right now is a good time for some spring cleaning and getting those items out to donate for 1$ or rent at a low cost to others in your community.  

We are not only looking for individuals to assist in helping out our communities but we would love for businesses to get involved as well. We know that a lot of businesses have laptops, computers and other electronic devices available that are sitting unused. If you are or know a business willing to donate or rent out your computers, phones, etc please fill out our form today.

We will provide pickup and delivery of the equipment to get the equipment to their renters. We also will sanitize the items when picking up and dropping off. Equipment will be insured under our coverage for damages or if anything goes missing.  

This partnership with United Way is exciting because Ruckify and United Way share the same vision of creating common good in communities across the world. Let’s make a difference together and give back to those who need things most in our communities. 

You have the ability (literally at your fingertips) to make a difference in your community. Simply sign-up today to make an impact: https://ruckify.com/en/relief/





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