Why Is “Community Renting” The Future?

“If you want to have a permanent impact on your garage and the environment, the answer is quite simple: stop buying more stuff and Ruckify the things you don’t need,”

what is community renting?

In an average household, a family has an accumulative 200,000 items in their home… that’s a lot of stuff. Over 50% of those items go unused in a given year — talk about stuffocation! What would happen if instead of all those things just sitting there, you allow your community to rent them from you instead?

This is a notion we call “community renting”. This way of life makes perfect sense as the next phase in today’s sharing economy. Younger generations are more environmentally aware and are making strides at living a more minimalistic life by owning less so that they may experience more. In order for them to avoid spending the cash, but still feel rich in these new experiences (like camping, learning a new sport, or trying a new instrument), Ruckify offers a real and safe rental community platform. There you can find all of those things you need, or post all of that unused stuff, through a trusted source. You can rent items as needed, then return them when you’re done; OR send out your gently used items to someone looking – making that extra cash when needed. 

The future of the sharing economy

Why make this the future of consumption? Well, we all know consumerism (or over-consumption) is always bad, adding little to our well-being as well as being disastrous for the planet. “[It’s] a particular strand of over-consumption, where we purchase things, not to fulfill our basic needs, but to fill some voids about our lives and make social statements about ourselves,” Annie Leonard, Executive Director of Greenpeace explains.

Scientist, Robert Putnam, argues we’re paying the ultimate price for our consumeristic tendencies with the loss of friendships, neighborly support, and robust communities. Together, they both suggest we are witnessing a loss of social fabric across all societies.

Community rental repairs both the social and ecological damage caused by over-consumption. We would no longer be filling our houses with useless stuff to fill a psychological void; but rather, renting the items we need in order to experience more and build community relationships with our rental partners. On top of that, removing our carbon footprint and helping our planet on its journey towards sustainability. 

You are already a member of the rental community!

Still, not convinced? Guess what — you are already part of this community. Think of it this way, you listen to more music than you ever could have ten years ago, but own almost none of it. Most of the tunes are streamed from blogs, online radio, and music services like Spotify and Apple Music. With Netflix and Crave, we can spend the rest of our waking lives watching movies without actually owning a single DVD or Blue Ray. Use scooter sharing company Bird and organizations like Bike Share, you get rent eco-friendly wheels to get from point A to B, then simply leave them at the side of the road for the next person to hop on anytime — anywhere. 

Rental tools to turn your neighborhood into a sharing community!

Rental marketplace Ruckify is an industry-changing, online person-to-person rental marketplace, designed with both people and businesses in mind. The platform is built on trust, honesty, and a true passion for rentals. Like the Airbnb of things! They utilize the notion of shared economy and peer-to-peer sales and help your average Joe, and businesses create their unique RuckifyStore on the app (free to make) to rent out its products and services to other people within the community!

One of the features of this platform — a commitment from Ruckify to plant a tree for every transaction made on the app, allowing anyone to be a part of the mission towards a greener, healthier earth. Ruckify gives its online community the opportunity to not only help the environment but also support someone local and their new business ventures. 

If we all — people, businesses, all ages, races, and genders — embrace this idea of a “renting community”, we’ll lead better, happier, more sustainable lives on a healthier planet. Less stuff, less stress — rent more, experience more.

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